How do I pay an invoice or a statement?

You can pay invoices via ACH or paper check.

Appropriate payment instructions are attached to each invoice and statement when they are sent. Information displayed includes:

  • Amount due
  • Due date
  • How to pay

There are two primary ways to pay invoices. The payment types displayed will be dependent on how your supplier wants to receive payment.

1. Pay online via ACH from your bank account

  • Click the link in the invoice or statement. You will be redirected to your Apruve account on You can also log in direction from the site.
  • You must have a bank account on file. Find out how to set up your bank account with us, here.
  • Find your invoice or statement and click the "Pay" button.
  • Your bank account will be automatically debited.

2. Pay via paper check

  • Check instructions will be shown on your invoice or statement.
  • Verify the mailing address.
  • Add the unique code to your check as indicated in the instructions.
  • Mark your invoice as "Paid by check" in your Apruve account on