What is ACH and why use it?

ACH or Automated Clearing House refers to a funds transfer system which provides for the interbank clearing of electronic entries for participating financial institutions. (Electronic Code of Federal Regulations) The ACH Network is governed by the non-profit body NACHA (Electronic Payment Association).

ACH is a fast, reliable, and trackable way to make payments and is probably something you use already to pay bills online, buy groceries with your debit card, or get paid by your employer.

Unlike a paper check which can get delayed or lost in the mail, ACH is fast and can be tracked via bank account. Consequently, this method is beneficial to the customer side as they can clearly show when a bill was paid.

While you may be hesitant about the idea of using an automated debit system, Apruve is committed to being communicative and transparent with our customers and will not bill you for products or services you did not purchase, nor will we change any aspect of the process without informing the Buyer or Merchant.