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I am approved, now what?

Getting set up with Apruve is easy. Now that you are approved for a line of credit, follow these steps to set up your account.

Now that you've confirmed your line of credit through your email.

Login in to app.apruve.com.

1. Connect your Bank account (this isn't mandatory)

This step makes it easy to pay invoices online. If you do not want to put in a bank account, you can still finish setting up your account. You can add your bank account info later or opt to pay by check.

2. Add people to your purchasing team

There are three team member options to choose from when adding people to your Apruve account.

Admin: Has full access and control of the account.

Buyer: Is able to make purchases for your company.

Payer: Will be responsible for paying invoices.

3. Make purchases from your preferred vendor