How do I connect my QuickBooks Online account with Apruve?

Apruve is fully integrated with QuickBooks online.  You can see our application here.

QuickBooks Estimates and Invoices you create for your Apruve customers will automatically be imported into Apruve as Orders and Invoices.

To enable Apruve's QuickBooks integration for your company, first contact us at to request that the QuickBooks option be enabled for your account.  Once we enable this option for you, you will see a QuickBooks option on your Settings page.

To connect to QuickBooks, go to your settings page, select 'QuickBooks', then click the green 'QB Connect' button.  You will be asked to log in to your QuickBooks account and confirm that you want to give Apruve access to your data.  That's it!

For more details on how Apruve works with QuickBooks and what changes it makes to your QuickBooks configuration, please refer to our QuickBooks Integration Guide