What information is displayed on my Apruve dashboard?

We provide metrics and data on the main dashboard

Your Apruve dashboard gives you a snapshot of how your customers are ordering along with the "health" of their account in terms of the the receivable they owe.

Metrics (by customized time period) include:

  • Total corporate accounts. New accounts. Delinquent accounts. Active accounts.
  • Average spend/account
  • Total orders. New orders. Average order size.
  • % of open and overdue orders

You can also do deep dives to review:

  • Account and buyer specific info
  • Account credit limit + initiate a change to that credit limit
  • Invoices with status
  • Record of all payments sent by the customer to the bank or you
  • Search and view all orders

 A screenshot of the dashboard is attached below. 

Merchant Dashboard - Invoices-final

Merchant Dashboard - Credit-final

Merchant Dashboard - Customers-final