How do we on-board our existing customers?

There are a number of ways your existing customers can begin to manage their credit account with you through Apruve.


Marketing email from you

We can work with you to craft the right marketing language to send out in an email blast to your customers. The email would contain a link to our credit application.  We would keep you in the loop on who has or has not completed their credit application and subsequent emails can be sent.  Ideally, these emails should come from you, not us.

A link on your site

You could market/promote your credit program through your website with banners or links on a home page, landing page or at checkout.

Landing page

When an existing customer logs in, you can take them to a custom landing page to educate them on the program and link them to the credit application.  We can help you create content for this landing page.

Your Apruve representative will work with you to develop and execute on the right on boarding strategy for your existing customers.